Museum Staff

Gus McClelland

Senior Docent

Gus loves airplanes and everything that goes with them. He does not have credentials in aviation but has steeped himself in aircraft information since he realized as a 9-year-old he could not fly F-86’s in Korea because of his age and less than 20/20 vision! Aviation has been a serious avocation all his life. Upon retiring from a 34-year career serving veterans at the Veterans Administration he went to work in 2007 as a volunteer tour guide at the Airline History Museum and has been there ever since. His aviation knowledge comes from constant avid reading and information from aviation personnel including others at the museum. He carefully checks all facts. His knowledge has been “tested” by numerous people at the museum. Pilots and mechanics have responded that they learned from him. He recognizes his limits about actual mechanical workings of aircraft but has helped work in the hangar. An unforgettable experience was his flights to and from Philadelphia at about 9 y/o on a Lockheed Constellation!