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Keeping these massive planes in the air requires a lot of dedicated personnel.  The museum must maintain a fleet of ground support equipment such as aircraft tugs, man lifts and aircraft jacks.  There is also a significant amount of spare parts that must be kept on site like spare engines, propellers, starters, fuel pumps etc.  All of this requires significant investment in addition to just keeping our facility safe and clean.

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Donate to your Favorite Aircraft!

If you have a favorite aircraft and would like your donation to benefit that aircraft. Choose one of the options below.  Your donation will then be maintained in a restricted account and used only for that aircraft. 

N6937C - Lockheed Constellation!



N1945 - Douglas DC-3!



N145S - Martin 404!


If you would like to mail your donation, please make checks payable to:

National Airline History Museum
201 NW Lou Holland Drive
Kansas City, Missouri  64116

Or call: 816.421.3401